Nikhil Sachania upgrades to a new era of racing

Nikhil Sachania has always been a force to be reckoned with on the rally circuit. 

Despite his paraplegic condition, his love for the sport only grew stronger. His determination to race led him to drive custom-made cars that allowed him to control everything with his hands. For years, his skill and courage captivated fans and inspired fellow drivers.

Nikhil’s journey took a sharp turn during Safari rally earlier this year in the treacherous backroads of his homeland, Kenya. A sudden swerve, a gravel skid, and his beloved car, the Mitsubishi Evo X was reduced to twisted metal in an instant. Miraculously, Nikhil emerged with minor injuries, but the loss of his trusted vehicle struck deep.

Nikhil Sachania inside his new Ford Fiesta R3/ Photo by @Moshtagram

Determined to rise again, Nikhil sought a replacement that could match the spirit of the Evo X. Meanwhile, across the country, another star of rally driving, Hamza Anwar, was contemplating his return in the Ford Fiesta Rally 3 car. Hamza, a fellow countryman and former junior champion, has a storied career with various victories. His old rally car, a machine that has brought him many memories, has been sitting unused in the garage for some time. It was a beast of a car, built for normal rally competition, but now it needed a new purpose.

With unwavering resolve, Nikhil contacted the team and arranged to inspect the car. The moment he laid eyes on it, he felt a surge of hope. Painted in the colors of their homeland, the car bore Hamza’s legacy but was ready to be reborn under Nikhil’s skillful hands.

The transition hasn’t been easy. Nikhil spent weeks fine-tuning the controls, ensuring every modification aligned perfectly with his racing instincts. His team rallied around him, their determination matching his own. As the days passed, the new car began to take a new shape—a symbol of rebirth and resilience.

The process was meticulous, ensuring every control could be operated by Nikhil’s hands. The Ford Fiesta Rally 3 retains its powerful engine and robust frame, but now it is adapted to become an extension of Nikhil’s will.

During the tests, the modifications worked perfectly, and the car responded to his every command. He can now maneuver through the treacherous terrain with the grace of a seasoned dancer, each turn and jump executed flawlessly.

His team is already in talks with the FIA to homologate the redesigned car, as they had always done with his previous vehicles. Nikhil apparently awaits approval to debut his new customized Fiesta.

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