The untold story of Otega’s 2017 Sprint

In the books of Uganda Rally history, lived Otega , a former rally champion driver whose passion for speed was matched only by his love for community. Once a celebrated figure in the rally circuit, Otega had to step away from racing after facing reliability issues with his beloved car, Toyota RunX, a car he had driven for almost 6 years.

With quite a good number of triumphs and championships in the 2 wheel drive class, it was high time Otega upgraded to a more powerful and competitive machine and with support from the federation and friends, Otega was granted a fundraising event in 2017 that eventually fell short of its mark.

Despite his meticulous planning and tireless efforts, the turnout at the gate fell short of expectations, leaving Otega stunned and disheartened. The shortfall in funds was exacerbated by the unexpected lack of honesty from some of his colleagues involved in ticket sales, compounding his losses.

Additionally, Otega had invested heavily in advertising to promote the event, hoping to attract a larger audience, only to see dismal returns.

Yet, amidst the anguish and frustration from the past, a flicker of determination still ignites within Otega. He knows the cause is worth fighting for, and he can’t let this setback define him. Drawing strength from the resilience that had carried him through countless hairpin turns and perilous stretches of the rally circuit, Otega resolved to rise above the adversity.

With renewed vigor, Otega set his sights on organizing another fundraiser, channeling his passion and unwavering spirit into making it a success. His latest endeavor is to raise funds to purchase a new rally car and get back into competition. With the support of his former sponsors, friends, and rally enthusiasts, Otega plans a grand fundraising event.

The fraternity buzzes with excitement as the day of the event approaches. Classic cars shall line the streets, and tents adorned with banners flapped at Musa Subaru Hubs’ along Rubaga road, a venue that was chosen to host the event come 30th June 2024. 

The highlight of the day is a fundraising launch, where the fraternity is expected to pledge in support of the cause. The community’s generosity flows as pledges already pour in, surpassing Otega’s wildest expectations.

As Ortega announced plans to purchase a new rally car and return to the sport he loved, the fraternity erupted in cheers and applause, knowing they had to play a part in reigniting Otega’s racing dreams and so quite a good number of enthusiasts is expected to turn up.

Looking forward to being fueled by the unwavering support of his community, Otega embarks on a new chapter of his racing career. With every twist and turn of the track, he still carries the spirit of gratitude and determination that has to propel him back to where he belonged—behind the wheel, chasing dreams at full throttle.

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