Road Conditions are bad – Karan Patel explains his withdraw from the Pearl of Africa Rally

Karan Patel has explained his withdraw from the Pearl of Africa Rally slated to start on Friday 5th May. In a statement published on the team’s Facebook Account, Karan notes that the Pearl of Africa Rally roads are not up to the standards expected for an International Event.

It’s important to note that Karan retired from last year’s Pearl of Africa rally after crushing to a roadside trench due to the Rally’s wet conditions. Similar to last year, Rain has evidently proved to be a deciding factor for whoever will win this year’s round, and Karan’s early retirement comes after his Recce through the routes.

Karan Patel Racing
The Karan Patel Racing Team Statement

According to the team statement, Karan chose to save the car since the roads conditions, and weather forecast pose a great risk to the car. This not only increases the cost of repairs for the event, but also makes it hard to fight for a WIN which many Ugandan fans anticipated he’d contend for.

With Karan Patel’s withdraw from the event, the Lone Ford Fiesta MK II of Yassin Nasser is expected to pull off an amazing performance with stiff competition from Jas Mangat in an Evo X. Much as the Rally circles believe Mangat is favorite to win the event, the road conditions may highly favor the R5 cars.

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